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Business Credit

Elevate Your Business with In-Depth Credit Insights

Whether you need domestic or international insight on a business, Command Credit can help you make confident decisions by providing you with the deepest level of insight into the validity, financial stability, and performance of your new and existing clients.

We offer a full suite of business products from Experian, Equifax, D&B, & Credit Reports World.

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Comprehensive Business Reports

Understanding how our clients pay its vendor, validating corporate registration and determining if there are any underlying public filings that would impede our ability to get repaid is outlined in our Comprehensive Business Reports.

Portfolio Scoring and Analysis

Understanding your portfolio risk and where your attention should focus for risk management is available through portfolio scoring and analysis.

By scoring your present accounts receivable you will be able to determine a baseline for risk tolerance, identify those clients that may be facing a downturn and review your present credit extension and collection policy to the true performance of your portfolio.


Account Monitoring

Monitoring your active accounts is key to helping your overall collection and risk management process by being alerted to salient changes on your client's credit reports.

Changes in scores, repayment history and public record filings will be at your fingertips with Account Monitoring.

Check Creditworthiness of Sole Proprietorships with the Same Ease as Corporations

Business reports on a sole proprietorship are available through the same portal as the comprehensive business report, thus giving you underwriting consistency in the information and scoring returned for review.


Verify Business Information, Consumer Information, or Both via a Single Inquiry

Verify your new accounts to ensure that you are working with a legitimate business or individual.

With fraud running rampant steps to validation and verification are parament to client onboarding.