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Small Business Owner

Empowering Small Business Owners

Your small business deserves top-notch cash and receivables management.

Kick-start your journey with validated client business checks, meticulous credit report reviews, and the certainty of risk mitigation.

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Mismanagement of accounts receivable is the number one financial risk to a small business.

Command Credit can help you mitigate your client risk.


See Beneath Your Customers' Surface

Small business owners should be buying credit reports on their clients to make sure they'll be able to pay on time.

If your clients can't pay you may go out of business.

Business credit reports from Command Credit can provide you with the insights you need to see beyond the surface.

Secure Your Supply Chain

As a small business owner, if your suppliers go out of business unexpectedly, you run the risk of going out of business, too.

Before you take on a new supplier, pull a business credit report on them to ensure they're stable enough to rely on.


Consumer Credit Insights

Doing business with other small businesses means business credit reports aren't always enough.

Consumer credit reports can provide you with information on business owners and sole proprietorships that you might plan to do business with.

Reliable Fraud Protection Strategies

Accelerate your business growth under the shield of our solid fraud protection strategies.

Small business owners can now delve into expanding their customer base without fear of fraud.

With our advanced verification tools and sophisticated fraud models, you're covered from every angle, building a foundation of trust and security.


Marketing Solutions Tailored for Success

Expand your business horizons without breaking a sweat with Command's risk-based marketing tools.

We give you exclusive, qualified leads mirroring your most profitable clients. Utilize this time-saving solution and achieve higher sales targets, propelling your business to greater heights.

Smart Hiring Starts Here

For the small business owner, each employment decision is critical.

Our top-notch background investigation products serve as your invaluable aid, providing the necessary detailed insights into potential hires, protecting your business and propelling it towards a future of growth and stability.