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Background Investigation

Take the Uncertainty out of Hiring with Command's Background Investigations

Feel confident in your hiring process and rental applicant process through Command's Background investigations.

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Criminal Records Search

Identifying and analyzing criminal records are critical steps in assessing the risk of a job applicant.

We provide fast turnaround times, the strongest customer service, and the most accurate information available in criminal background screening services.

Verification Services

Verify what your candidates are saying about themselves as sometimes the truth gets a bit stretched to get hired and this can be detrimental to your company.

Command provides a complete solution to meet your verification and reference needs.


Employment Verification

Verify dates of employment, position held, full-time/part-time status, and eligibility for rehire.

Educational Verification

Verified school attended, dates of attendance, field of study, degree earned and date of graduation or last attendance.


Driver Records and Monitoring

A complete driver screening and monitoring solution to reduce the risk for your company if you employ truckers, delivery people, volunteer drivers, and any other team member who operates a vehicle on the organization's behalf.

Drug and Alcohol Verification

Comply with the safety verification requirements of federal regulators including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).