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Which Are the Best Business Credit Reports for Your Business

Ann Marie Smith


A business credit report can help you manage risk better, improve your cash flow, and develop stronger customer relationships. But, which type is the best business credit report for your needs? The answer will depend on how you are looking to use the information.

Are you looking to check the business credit report for just a few customers or suppliers on an infrequent basis? You may want to buy a business credit report using our self-serve option.

If you want to check the creditworthiness of dozens of businesses every month, the best business credit report option would likely be to use our subscription service.

If you want the ability to monitor your business credit report or the financial health of a significant customer or supplier on an ongoing basis, you may want to sign up for our credit monitoring service.

Here is an explanation of the different options that are available through Command Credit, the lowest-priced provider of business credit reports from all of the major business credit reporting agencies.

Buy Business Credit Reports: The Self-Serve Option

The advantage of a self-serve business credit report is that you can buy as many or as few credit reports as often as you want and download them instantly.

The three major business credit agencies (Equifax, Experian, and Dun & Bradstreet) each use slightly different information to evaluate the financial health of a business, but each produces an overall credit score and predictions on future creditworthiness.

  • Dun & Bradstreet analyzes business credit usage and reveals how a business interacts with its vendors and suppliers. D&B has its proprietary PAYDEX score to measure how reliably a company has paid its bills and stayed current within the terms of its agreements. D&B also provides a financial viability rating compared to similar businesses. Learn more about D&B business credit reports.
  • Equifax analyzes data collected by the Small Business Finance Exchange (SBFE) and other sources to score credit handling. Equifax also checks tradeline credit information along with public records, such as liens, judgments, and bankruptcies to produce an overall business credit score. Learn more about Equifax business credit reports.
  • Experian gathers information from both suppliers and lenders for its Intelliscore credit rating. The credit bureau also analyzes bank data such as credit transactions, outstanding balances, available credit, and credit habits. In addition to an overall credit score, Experian produces a financial stability risk rating to forecast the likelihood a company will experience several financial distress or bankruptcy within the next year. Learn more about Experian business credit reports.

Buy Business Credit Reports: Subscription Option

The best business credit report option for your business may be to sign up for a subscription.

We offer three types of contracts for services:

  • Monthly billing program – allows you access to all of Command Credit’s products and services on a monthly invoice basis for reports used
  • Prepaid contract with tiers based on the amount of the prepaid dollars – allows access to all Command Credit’s products and services with a discount in pricing due to the prepaid payment of the contract. As reports are order the prepaid account is credit until funds are depleted.
  • Subscription pricing for a 1 year period – This is a purchase of a set number of Experian at a deep discounted rate which includes alert monitoring for all your existing accounts.

Learn more about our business credit report offerings from Experian, Equifax, D&B, Trans Union, and Credits Report World.

There are also other options for you to help mitigate your credit risk.

  • Our Account Monitoring service helps you proactively assess your B2B credit portfolio by monitoring your customer credit profiles. If there is a significant change to a customer’s credit use or negative trending of financial health indicators, you will receive alerts.
  • You can also get an objective, third-party evaluation of your accounts receivable portfolio with our Portfolio Scoring service. This can help you better understand risk levels in your portfolio to set more accurate sales and credit guidelines.

Which Is the Best Business Credit Report for You?

If you’re still not sure which business credit report is best for your situation, contact the Client Services team at Command Credit.

You can get in touch with us by phone at (800) 676-9705 or by email and we can help you decide which service fits your unique needs.