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What’s Included in a D&B Business Credit Report?

Author: Ann Marie Smith
Published: 2020-11-13

If you’re planning on doing business with a new company, a Dun and Bradstreet credit report can help you analyze their financial stability and ability to pay, especially if you plan on granting them credit. If you are applying for a business loan, asking for credit from a new supplier, or entering into a significant contract, there is a chance your Dun and Bradstreet credit report has been part of the decision-making process on the terms of your deal.

D&B business credit reports provide a high-level view of a company’s financial strength and general creditworthiness. This lets potential business partners evaluate how you perform when it comes to paying your bills on time.

You should pull your D&B business credit report so you know what other organizations see when they view it. This might help you negotiate better terms for credit, loans, or insurance rates. It is also a good idea to pull business credit reports anytime you plan to enter into a relationship with a new supplier or vendor to minimize the amount of risk you will assume.

How the Dun and Bradstreet Business Credit Report Works

Dun & Bradstreet relies largely on tradeline references. Suppliers and vendors submit payment information about their business dealings to D&B, which are then used to determine how promptly companies pay their bills.

The score is weighted by dollars. The bigger the amounts, the more prominence they receive in the report. For example, a one-time transaction for a few hundred dollars will play a less important role than the payment history with a regular vendor that is paid thousands of dollars each month.

The Dun and Bradstreet business credit report categorizes and ranks companies in three key areas: Viability, data depth, and company profile.


This indicates the risk that a company will go out of business and compares its viability to other businesses in the same industry.

Data Depth

Uses information that is available about the company to predict future trends

Company Profile

Size, revenue, years in business, and established credit relationships are all analyzed as part of the Dun and Bradstreet business credit report and the data tells the story of the health of a business.

The Dun and Bradstreet Business Credit Report Paydex Score

The Paydex score puts a numerical index on the likelihood that a business will pay on time. The scale goes from 1 to 100 and high values indicate more prompt payments.

D&B gathers information from both suppliers and lenders. The credit reporting bureau also uses public records, such as liens, judgments and bankruptcies. Experian examines payment history and available credit as part of its calculation. Scores range from 0 to 100. An 80 or above indicates a business usually makes prompt payments; 50-79 equates to moderate risk for late payments while a score of 49 or less indicates a high risk.

100 30 days before due
90-99 20 days before due
80-89 Pays by the due date
70-79 15 days past due
60-69 22 days past due
50-59 30 days past due
40-49 60 days past due
30-39 90 days past due
20-29 120 days past due
1-19 120+ days past due

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Other Dun and Bradstreet Business Credit Report

Dun & Bradstreet also offers other business credit reports that track public records, such as liens, judgments, and collections. It also reports on Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings. This tells you when a company has used its assets to secure financing.

View a sample Dun & Bradstreet Public Records report or Order now.

D&B also offers a BIR report that provides a more detailed breakdown of suppliers that have reported granting credit terms. This report includes information such as credit line amounts, any caps or limits and whether payments were made per the financing terms.

View a sample Dun & Bradstreet BIR report or Order now.

accredit Makes It Easy to Pull Business Credit Reports

If you want to pull a Dun & Bradstreet business credit report on anyone you plan to do business with, or check on how your business is viewed, , accredit makes the process simple and fast. There is no need to sign up for long-term subscriptions. You can click, pay, and get your report instantly.

If you are not sure whether a D&B business credit report is the best option, you can also quickly search and select among various business credit reports from D&B, Equifax, and Experian, compare and contrast them and find the best one for your business needs.

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