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How to Get an Experian Sample Business Credit Report (and What It Will Include)

Ann Marie Smith


If you are looking for a sample of an Experian business credit report, here is the easiest way to do it. Go to the Command Credit website to view samples of the different types of business credit reports. You can view samples of each of the Experian business credit reports.

  • Experian Premier Profile: A comprehensive business report to facilitate better credit decisions
  • Experian Business Profile: A business credit report on more than 27 million businesses
  • Experian Intelliscore Plus: Predictive credit scoring with summary tradeline payment information
  • Experian Business Owner Profile: Credit scores of business owners and principals
  • Experian Business Owner Linkage: Understand a business principal’s total liability across all business interests
  • Experian Business Summary: A low-cost report with basic business information
  • Experian Commercial Fraud Insight: Business verification and consumer data to flag fraud alerts

If you are unsure which type of Experian business credit report is right for you, one of our business credit report specialists can help you decide which report will work best for your business needs.

What Does an Experian Business Credit Report Include?

Checking business credit reports helps you spot signs of financial distress that could disrupt your cash flow or put your business at risk. Before you extend credit to a new customer, you should check their business credit report to be sure they are financially healthy and pay their bills on time. Business credit reports give you an overall credit score, an analysis of the company’s credit history and use predictive models to forecast future behavior.

So, what does an Experian business credit report include? Depending on which type of report you choose, you can get information such as:

  • Insight into whether a customer will pay you on time
  • The risk of a business filing bankruptcy or closing
  • Whether businesses are delinquent on bills
  • How businesses stack up against others in their industry
  • Whether a business has been a previous fraud victim
  • How companies are handling current credit, including summaries of tradeline data
  • Public record information, such as bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, and UCC filings

Why Should You Use an Experian Business Credit Report?

Business credit reports give you a fast way to review historical data of how customers handle their credit to help you make better decisions about extending credit and establishing credit limits.

Business Credit Reports for Customers

Rather than relying on a customer self-reporting their creditworthiness or providing you with hand-picked references, business credit reports offer an independent assessment of a company’s financial history along with predictive analysis of future risk.

Business credit reports are also valuable for checking the financial health of current customers. The earlier you spot warning signs of financial distress, the sooner you can take appropriate action to avoid putting your own business at risk.

Business Credit Reports for Suppliers

When you place an order or send a PO to a supplier, you are trusting that they can deliver the materials or items as promised. If the supplier is having financial difficulty and cannot deliver on time, it can create significant hardships for your business and hurt your cash flow as well as your business reputation.

We saw this scenario play out in real-time during the COVID-19 pandemic when supply chains were disrupted and businesses were unable to satisfy customer demand for products.

You can avoid this problem and protect yourself by making sure suppliers are in a position to deliver what you need.

Checking Your Business Credit Report

It is also a good idea to monitor the credit scores for your own business so you know what others see when they check your credit.

When you know you have a good credit score, you can negotiate better credit and more favorable terms. Keeping an eye on your business credit report can also help you spot areas that need improvement in case you want to apply for a loan.

Lowest Cost Business Credit Reports

Since Command Credit does a large volume of business credit reports, we get volume discounts which we pass on to our customers. As an industry leader in business credit reports, we are the lowest cost provider online. We have pricing plans to match your needs along with best-in-business customer service.

Whenever you extend credit or work with a supplier, you are taking a risk. If the supplier cannot deliver or your customer is unable to pay, it is your business that will suffer. Protect yourself and make better business decisions with Experian business credit reports.

Contact Command Credit today for more information or to view samples of Experian Business Credit Reports.