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How to Choose Self Service or Subscription Business Credit Reports

A business credit report provides the important information you need to mitigate risk and protect your business.

Checking on the credit score for your business lets you know how others view your company when you ask for credit from suppliers or apply for a loan. This knowledge may help you negotiate better terms.

A business credit report helps you make better decisions about extending or renewing credit with customers or doing business with suppliers. When you can see that a customer or supplier is financially healthy, it can give you the confidence to provide credit or send off a purchase order. If you see warnings signs of a deteriorating financial condition, you can take steps to limit credit or find alternate suppliers.

It is especially important to know the financial health of those you do business with in today’s economic environment. Although commercial bankruptcies and delinquencies are trending down from last year’s high, some indicators are showing potential credit problems are still trending above traditional norms. Companies and customers are taking longer to pay their bills than in the past. Experts predict more delinquencies and bankruptcies are ahead.

Command Credit makes it easy to buy the best business credit report and protects your business interests.

How to Buy Business Credit Reports

When you want to buy a business credit report, you have a couple of options available, including:

Self-Service Business Credit Reports

With self-service business reports, you can choose the type of credit report you want, pay for it online, and download it immediately. There is no waiting, and you do not need to sign up for a subscription or commit to ongoing payments.

Self-serve business credit reports work well when you need to quickly check a new customer or only need to buy business credit reports on a handful of customers or suppliers more infrequently.

Subscription-Based Business Credit Reports

If you want to check multiple new and existing customers and suppliers on how their businesses credit is handled throughout the year or want the ability to monitor your customers or suppliers, a subscription for business credit reports may be the better choice.

Trust Command Credit

With more than 25years of business reports experience, you can trust Command Credit to provide you accurate and timely business credit reports to help you run your business more efficiently and mitigate your risk.