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How to Check Business Credit for Your Company, Customers, and Suppliers

Over the past year, we have seen significant upheaval in business. Many businesses that have historically been financially stable have struggled. Customers that have always paid on time or suppliers that have always delivered may not be on the firm footing they were a year ago.

How many of your customers or suppliers are finding themselves in financially concerning circumstances?

When you check business credit on your customers or suppliers, it can help you see what is going on with their financial picture and provide you with an independent assessment of a company’s financial health. This helps you make better business decisions and protect your business from unnecessary risks.

So, whether you are extending credit to new customers, renewing credit terms with existing customers, or want to check on your suppliers, we will show you the best way to check business credit.

You should also check to see how the major business credit reporting agencies view your company as well.

Learn the answers to the following questions by downloading the Executive Report on this page.

  • How to Check Business Credit for Your Customers and Suppliers
  • How to Check Business Credit for Your Company
  • How to Mitigate Business Risk with Business Credit Scores

Avoid putting your company in a bad situation by understanding the financial health and creditworthiness of your customers and suppliers. Know your own business’ credit score and other information to negotiate better credit terms or better loan rates.

With accredit, you can search and download business credit reports for your company, customers, and suppliers on-demand. You can pull as many credit reports as you want using accredit’s self-serve website and download them immediately. You will not be required to sign up for a subscription and pay for other expensive services.