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How to Pull a Credit Report for a Business

Ann Marie Smith


If you provide products or services to a customer and they fail to pay, you get hit twice. You still have to pay your suppliers but you are not getting paid by your customer.

If you pull a business credit report on a business, you can get an independent assessment of the organization’s financial health. This helps you make better business decisions about setting credit limits, establishing terms for customers and purchasing from suppliers.

Many business owners ask customers and suppliers to provide credit references. This allows businesses with troubled credit to hand-pick what they share. They are not going to share references for companies with which they are delinquent.

If you want to mitigate your risk, pull a credit report for business on your customers and suppliers to get a complete look at how the company manages its finances.

How to Pull Credit Report for Business – Customers

You do not need permission to pull a credit report for business. Unlike a personal credit report, you can buy a business credit report on any business.

The easiest way to pull a business credit report is by going to accredit. With accredit, you can choose from different business credit reports from each of the three major credit agencies.

  • Experian business credit report
  • Dun and Bradstreet business credit report
  • Experian business credit report

You will be able to compare, view samples, and download business credit reports instantly. You can also choose an overview report that provides a composite credit score from the three agencies.

Once you register and create your account, enter the name and basic information about the business you are checking on. Check the reports you want to buy, enter your payment information, and download the business credit report immediately.

There is no waiting and no need to sign up for a subscription. You can buy as many reports as you want on-demand.

How to Pull Credit Report for Business — Suppliers

On average, suppliers account for half or more of a company’s end-products or services. Best practices for risk management means keeping a close eye on your supply chain.

You should always pull a credit report for business when dealing with suppliers — especially new suppliers. When you do not have any history to rely on, you want to be able to mitigate your risk.

You depend on your suppliers and vendors to provide you with the materials and products you need for your business. Disruptions to your supply chain can mean you do not have products to sell or the materials you need to run your business efficiently. It can have a significant impact on your cash flow.

You want the peace of mind that your suppliers can deliver what they promise – especially when you are doing business with a new supplier.

Pulling a business credit report on a supplier works the same way on accredit. Enter the name of your supplier, choose the report you want, and download it instantly.

What a Business Credit Report Shows You

With a business credit report, you get an overall credit score and a summary of the various factors that contribute to the score. Depending on which report you choose, you can see information including:

  • Business identity
  • Creditor balances
  • Credit limit recommendations
  • Derogatory filings, liens, or judgments
  • Payment history (Days Beyond Terms)

You can also get predictions about the risk of repayment, business viability over the next 12 months, and comparisons against similar businesses within the industry. Some business credit reports will provide tradeline details, including high credit, balances, and account status.

Are you wondering which business credit report is right for you? Download our Executive Report: How to Select the Right Business Credit Report.

Buy Business Credit Report Instantly

Running a successful business requires paying attention to your cash flow. When your customers have a deteriorating financial situation, they are more likely to make late payments or become delinquent. When suppliers face financial hardships, they may not be able to acquire the raw materials or products they need to fulfill orders.

Both situations can hurt your cash flow and impact your ability to run your business efficiently.

You need to know whether your customers and suppliers are financially healthy. When you know customers have good credit, it gives you the confidence that you will get paid. For suppliers, understanding their financial picture can keep your supply chains intact and your business running smoothly.

Register for a free account with accredit to pull business credit reports from Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, and Experian on-demand.