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How to Get an Experian Business Credit Report from Command Credit

Author: Ann Marie Smith
Published: 2021-08-02

Business credit reports help protect your business from customer default. They provide insight into how your customers and suppliers handle credit, whether they pay on time and whether they are displaying signs of financial stress.

Experian Business Credit Report

With an Experian business credit report, you get powerful information to minimize business risk. With business credit reports on more than 27 million businesses worldwide, you can make better business decisions about extending credit and credit limits.

When you are targeting prospective customers, managing customer relationships, and identifying growth opportunities, an Experian business credit report can help you make better decisions to protect your business.

What do get with an Experian business credit report? At Command Credit, you can choose from several different options.

Premier Profile Report

With the Premier Profile report, you receive:

  • Intelliscore Plus: Insight into whether a customer will pay you on time
  • Financial Stability Score: Risk of a business filing bankruptcy or closing
  • Days Beyond Term (DBT): Compares payment trends to industry norms
  • Commercial Fraud Shield: Whether a business has been a previous fraud victim
  • Tradeline Summary Details: How companies are handling current credit

You also receive credit limit recommendations, company financial data, and information on corporate affiliations such as parent companies and subsidiaries.

Business Profile Report

The Business Profile report provides 10 pages of information, including:

  • Executive summary: Includes historical payment information, DBT and DBT compared to similar companies in the same industry, and any derogatory charges
  • Corporate linkage: Identifies branch, HQ, subsidiary, and parent companies.
  • Trade payment information: Summarizes credit performance
  • Public record information: Bankruptcies, tax liens, or judgments
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings: How a business is leveraged and collateralized

You also receive information about a company’s background, credit inquiries, and any financial dealings with federal government agencies.

Intelliscore Plus

Intelliscore Plus is a one-page, easy-to-read report that provides a credit risk score for when you need to make a quick decision. It also includes:

  • The key factors that influence the risk score
  • The ranking of risk level compared to all other businesses
  • Summary of tradeline data and public records

With Command Credit, you can also access the Intelliscore Plus Blended report, which includes all of the above plus:

  • Owner / Guarantor Credit Profile
  • Owner / Guarantor Derogatory Filings and Payment Status

Both reports include predictive credit risk scoring to help you make better decisions about extending credit to customers.

Business Owner Profile

According to the Small Business Association, there are more than 31 million small businesses nationwide. They comprise 99% of all US companies and nearly 70% are sole proprietorships. For small businesses, it is important to know who is responsible for payment and personal credit information for the company’s owner or principal.

The Business Owner Profile report identifies ownership, provides a credit risk score, trade information, and two-year payment history.

You can also choose a Business Owner Linkage report, which shows a principal’s total liability across all businesses they are associated with or inexpensive Business Summary reports for small businesses that show a snapshot of credit and the total number of open tradelines.

Commercial Fraud Insights

The Commercial Fraud Insight report verifies business names and DBAs, business principals, and provides critical business alerts for businesses and principals.

Why Use Business Credit Reports?

Business credit reports provide a quick and easy to assess credit for a potential customer or supplier before granting credit or setting credit limits.

If you rely on credit applications, you may not be getting a complete picture of your customers’ and suppliers’ financial health. Businesses that are facing financial difficulties often keep some accounts current while others are delinquent. In fact, around 98% of businesses that fill out credit applications only list accounts where they are in good standing. So, you could spend hours or days calling references and not have accurate information.

Business credit reports provide an independent analysis of all tradelines and credit use. You will get a more complete picture of a company’s financial history along with a predictive analysis of risk in the future.

Why Use Command Credit?

Command Credit is the lowest cost provider of business credit reports because of the volume of business credit reports we handle and we offer pricing plans to match your needs. Whether you are a large multinational corporation or a sole proprietor, we can supply you with an Experian business credit report that will help you evaluate customers and suppliers.

Getting an Experian business credit report from Command Credit is remarkably easy. View samples of business credit reports on the Command Credit website to see which ones meet your needs. Then, contact one of our business credit report specialists to get started.