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How to Choose the Best Business Credit Check Site

Ann Marie Smith


A business credit score gives you an easy way to assess the financial health of a business and its creditworthiness. If you extend credit to a new customer, it is an excellent time to get an independent assessment of how financially stable their business is and whether they pay their bills on time. If you are sending a purchase order to a supplier, you should check their business credit report to give you peace of mind that they will be able to deliver what you ordered.

Checking business credit helps you minimize risk, improve your cash flow, and maximize your business success.

So, what should you look for when checking business credit, and how do you find the best business credit check site? To find the best business credit check site, here are five things you should look for to get the information you need.

1. Reports from Multiple Business Credit Reporting Bureaus

Rather than going to the websites of the major business credit reporting agencies and trying to compare offerings, the best business credit check site will make it easy for you to pull business credit scores from any of the three major suppliers, including:

  • Experian
  • Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)
  • Equifax

2. Different Types of Business Credit Reports

Every business is unique and has slightly different ways of approaching credit. The best business credit checks site will also offer different types of business credit reports, including score summaries, detailed business reports, and public records searches.

Score Summaries

Score summaries give you a high-level analysis of how a company pays its bills and the probability that it will remain in business.

Detailed Business Credit Reports

A complete detailed business credit report will go beyond Score Summaries to provide you with a deeper understanding of the factors behind the scores. Depending on which report you choose, you can get additional tradeline details, including account balances, balance sheets, and income statements for publicly traded companies, and the amount of payments made to creditors.

Public Records Search

Some credit reporting bureaus include public records searches in their standard Score Summary reports. You can also pull a more detailed report that lists any bankruptcies, judgments, liens, lawsuits, and UCC filings.

3. Checking Business Credit Report Samples

When checking business credit, deciding which report from which credit reporting agency is best for your business needs can be confusing. The best business credit check site will be able to show you samples, so you can see exactly what you get before purchasing.

4. No Subscriptions or Ongoing Fees

The best business credit check site will allow you to pull as many business credit reports as you want but not require you to lock into a subscription model or recurring fee.

Business credit repositories typically require large investments. Many of the credit bureaus want you to sign up for their subscription service. While there may be value for large companies to do so, it is most likely too expensive for small businesses who simply need a way to check the credit and financial health of customers, suppliers, and vendors.

5. Instant Downloads

You should be able to purchase only the reports you want, including reports on a business from multiple business credit bureaus.

You also want to be able to pull credit scores instantly without waiting. Choose your report, type in a business name, pay online, and download your business credit report right away.

Choosing a self-serve site for business credit reports means you will be able to get exactly what you want without having to worry about a salesperson trying to upsell you on an expensive subscription plan or additional services that you may not need.

The Best Business Credit Check Site

Checking business credit does not have to be difficult or complicated. When you use accredit to search, select, and download business credit reports, you can get exactly what you need to make better business decisions and lower your risks.

With accredit, you can:

  1. Get business credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and Dun & Bradstreet
  2. Choose from summary credit scores or several other reports to find what works best for your business
  3. View sample reports ahead of time, so you know exactly what information you will receive
  4. Pay for only the reports you want with no subscription or ongoing fees
  5. Download business credit reports 24/7 and get them instantly

Checking business credit can help you see what is going on and provide you with an independent assessment of a company’s financial health. This helps you make better business decisions and protect your business from unnecessary risks.

If you are searching for the best business credit check site, the answer is simple. Visit href=” to search and select business credit reports from Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, and Experian.