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How to Check Your Business Credit with Self Serve Business Credit Reports

Ann Marie Smith


The Latin phrase “Scientia potential est” translates to the phrase you may know as “Knowledge is power.” This phase is attributed to Sir Francis Bacon in the 1600s, and it is still relevant today. Knowledge gives the information you need to make better decisions.

In business, this information is essential. There is no better example than your business credit report. You need to know what others see when they check your business credit report to evaluate your creditworthiness.

  • Bank and other lenders will pull your business credit report and use the information to decide whether or not to loan money to your business.
  • When you apply for credit at a supplier or other business, they will examine your business credit report to see if you pay your bills on time.
  • Insurance companies use business credit reports to assess risk.

Armed with this knowledge, you will know what they know. Having a good business credit report can help you get credit and negotiate higher credit limits, better interest rates, or more favorable terms. If there is a blemish on your credit record or an error, you can address the situation before applying for a loan or credit.

How to Check Business Credit Report

If you wonder how to check a business credit report, Command Credit makes it easy with self-service business credit reports.

Go to, click on Self Serve Business Credit Reports on the left-hand side, and you will be able to search and select from the best business credit reports available. Once you decide which business credit report you want, set up an account, hit the Order Now button, type in your business name, verify it is correct, enter your payment information, and complete the process. It is easy. You can download your business credit report and view it instantly.

You can get business credit reports from each of the three major business credit reporting agencies, including Equifax, Experian, and Dun & Bradstreet. There are several options available.

Score Summaries

A score summary provides a high-level analysis of your business. Each business credit reporting agency will give you an overall business credit score, an assessment of how you pay your bills, and the probability you will remain in business.

  • Experian Score Summary – With the Experian Score Summary, you will also see how the business credit reporting agency assesses your financial stability, repayment risk, and the credit limit recommendations it makes. They will also show derogatory legal filings, fraud alerts, creditor balances, and days beyond payment terms on existing accounts.
  • Equifax Score Summary – The Equifax Score Summary provides similar information gathered from its source. This summary also includes financial stability, repayment risk, credit limit recommendations, days beyond terms, credit balances, and negative legal filings.
  • Dun & Bradstreet – The Dun & Bradstreet Score Summary ranks companies to assess the risk of going out of business and comparing it to similar companies. You also get a company profile, including established creditors, and predictions about the likelihood of a company paying on time.

More Detailed Business Credit Reports

There are also business credit reports which provide more in-depth reporting, such as trade payment summaries and tradeline details, such as credit balances, high credit usage, and breakdowns of account status.

You can choose from the Experian Premier Profile or the D&B BIR Report.

Public Records Report

While Experian and Equifax provide public record searches with their Score Summary reports., There is also a D&B report specific to public records that details liens, suits, bankruptcies, judgments, or UCC filings.

How to Check Business Credit Report Instantly

With self-serve business credit reports, you can instantly get all of this information without signing up for a subscription or committing to any ongoing fees. You can choose as many business credits reports as often as you want and download them immediately.

Many businesses opt to view each of the reports to understand what others see and check for errors. Business credit reports can also give you insight into potential problem areas when applying for credit or seeking a loan. If you know these blemishes will show up on your business credit report, you will be better prepared to answer questions about them. You may also be able to take proactive measures to remediate or remove them.

Sir Francis Bacon also said, “The great end of life is not knowledge but action.” Armed with the knowledge of what is included in your business credit report, it allows you to take the actions you need to protect and grow your business. Compare and view samples of self-serve business credit reports at Command Credit.